How to get the Luxembourg seasonal work visa

How to get the Luxembourg seasonal work visa

For non-EU citizens, coming to work in Luxembourg typically requires obtaining a work visa in advance. But for short-term seasonal jobs, Luxembourg offers a streamlined seasonal work visa.

The seasonal work visa allows workers from countries outside the European Union (EU) to come work in Luxembourg for a temporary period aligned with peak season activities. It is ideal for jobs in sectors like agriculture, horticulture, tourism, hospitality and more that need extra workers for busy periods.

With this visa, non-EU seasonal workers can be employed in Luxembourg for up to 5 months over a 12-month timeframe. It provides an accessible way to come experience living and working in Luxembourg temporarily without the commitment of a long-term move.

If you come from a non-EU country and want to spend part of the year honing your skills in the thriving Luxembourg job market, the seasonal work visa presents an excellent opportunity. Keep reading to learn more about eligibility, applying and everything you need to know about the Luxembourg seasonal work visa.

Overview of Seasonal Work in Luxembourg

Luxembourg has year-round demand for temporary workers to cover busy periods in industries that experience seasonal spikes in activity. Some major areas that routinely hire seasonal staff include:

  • Agriculture – Jobs like fruit/vegetable picking, harvesting, farm work, operating machinery, etc. Peak seasons are summer and fall.
  • Tourism – Seasonal openings in hotels, restaurants, bars, camping grounds, theme parks and more. Peak is summer.
  • Events – Temporary staffing needs for festivals, fairs, conferences, shows and sports events. Can be year-round.
  • Retail/Sales – Seasonal associate roles in shops, markets and pop-up stores. Peaks include Christmas and summer sales seasons.
  • Construction – Temporary site workers to meet summer and fall construction demands.
  • Forestry – Forest maintenance work like planting trees peaks in spring and fall.

Seasonal work provides a flexible way to supplement income. Positions can range from a few weeks up to several months covering peak activities.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for a seasonal work visa in Luxembourg, the main requirements are:

  • Have a concrete job offer – You must have a signed seasonal work contract with a duration between 1 week & 5 months.
  • From a non-EU country – The seasonal visa is only for citizens of countries outside the EU zone.
  • Meet health/safety standards – Undergo a medical check showing good health and no contagious diseases.
  • Valid passport – Have a passport valid for your entire intended stay in Luxembourg.
  • No criminal record – Background check showing you have no convictions for serious crimes.
  • Housing – Proof you will have suitable accommodation for your stay.
  • Insurance – Must have health insurance coverage for duration of seasonal contract.
  • Authorization certificate – Your employer must get approval to hire a non-EU seasonal worker.

Meeting these requirements makes you eligible to apply for the Luxembourg seasonal work visa. Keep reading to learn the step-by-step application process.

Step-by-Step Process to Get the Visa

Getting a seasonal work visa for Luxembourg involves the following steps:

  1. Employer gets approval certificate to hire non-EU seasonal worker
  • The employer must apply to the National Employment Agency (ADEM) for a certificate allowing them to hire a non-EU seasonal worker.
  • This confirms no qualified EU candidates are available for the job.
  1. Worker applies for temporary authorization to stay
  • With certificate, the non-EU worker can apply for temporary authorization to stay from their home country.
  • Submit application documents like passport, job contract, criminal record to Immigration Directorate.
  • If approved, the worker will receive the authorization within around 3 months.
  1. Apply for visa if required
  • If the worker’s country requires a visa for Luxembourg, they must apply for a Type D visa.
  • Submit application at Luxembourg embassy in home country along with authorization.
  1. After entering Luxembourg…
  • Register residence with commune within 3 days of arrival.
  • Undergo required medical check at approved doctor’s office.
  • Apply for seasonal worker residence permit within 3 months of entering Luxembourg.

Following this process correctly is key to being granted a seasonal work visa. The residence permit allows you to legally live and work for your seasonal job in Luxembourg.

Documents Required

The following documents are required for the seasonal work visa application:

  • Passport – Valid passport with at least 6 months before expiration.
  • Job contract – Signed seasonal employment offer with start and end dates.
  • Employer authorization – Certificate allowing hire of non-EU seasonal worker.
  • Proof of housing – Rental agreement, letter from employer, etc.
  • Medical certificates – Completed health and tuberculosis checks.
  • Criminal record – Recent criminal background check from home country.
  • Insurance – Proof of health insurance coverage in Luxembourg.
  • Application fees – Payment receipts for visa/permit fees.
  • Photos – Passport-style facial photo for residence permit card.

Make sure to prepare clear copies of each document in the required format. Contact the Luxembourg embassy for any affidavit templates needed.

Duration of Stay and Validity

  • The seasonal work visa allows stays between 1 week and 5 months maximum.
  • Initial residence permits are valid for the duration of the seasonal contract.
  • Permits can be renewed to reach the 5 month maximum stay over a 12 month period.
  • The worker must leave Luxembourg when their seasonal job and permit expires.

Rights and Obligations

Seasonal workers in Luxembourg have rights and obligations including:

  • Can only work for the employer and duration on your work contract/permit.
  • Must be paid at least the national minimum wage for your occupation.
  • Entitled to safe working conditions, breaks and weekly rest periods.
  • Must have health insurance provided by your employer.
  • Need to follow all Luxembourg laws and regulations.
  • Must leave the country upon permit expiration unless it is renewed.

Following the rules is important to stay compliant with the seasonal work visa program. Consult the Immigration Directorate with any questions.

In summary, the seasonal work visa offers non-EU citizens an excellent opportunity to come experience living and working in Luxembourg on a temporary basis.

With this visa, you can come to fill critical seasonal roles for up to 5 months in sectors like agriculture, tourism, events and more. It is an accessible gateway to gain experience in Luxembourg without requiring long-term residency.

Be sure to check the official Immigration Directorate website and consult with the Luxembourg embassy to learn more about documents, fees and updates for the seasonal work visa application process.

If you meet the eligibility criteria outlined and are interested in unique seasonal jobs in beautiful Luxembourg, consider applying for the seasonal work visa. Spend your summer or selected months contributing your skills to this thriving European economy while enjoying everything Luxembourg has to offer.


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