Foreign workers can now apply online for french work permits

Starting 6th April, 2021, none European Union (EU) citizens who would like to work in France would be able to make their applications online through a newly launched portal greatly simplifying the existing process.

EU and Schenghen nationals do not need to get a work permit to look for jobs in France, but French employment regulations require companies intending to hire third country nationals to apply for a work permit (autorisation de travail).

This work permit is required for both permanent and temporary work contracts as well as for international students planning to work while studying and seasonal workers.

For workers with multiple employers, each employer would have to apply for an individual work permit but for some categories or occupations, the requirements for the permits are relaxed and these are for those:

  • Teaching
  • Modelling
  • Working at a seminar or exhibition
  • Working at a sports, cultural or scientific event
  • Who are personal service and domestic workers as well as
  • working in engineering, finance, insurance, IT, architecture and management with a service agreement

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