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Work Visa For Europe – 15 Countries & their programs.

If you’re planning to work anywhere in Europe, then this article would prove very useful to you. Getting a work visa for Europe can be a daunting experience, and rejection is the worst feeling ever. However, there are numerous countries in Europe where getting a work visa is easy peasy. So, read on to discover countries where you can quickly get a work visa for Europe.

  1. Austria

Austria offers a long-term visa for highly skilled workers, which is issued via a points-based system. They also provide a Job Seeker’s Visa to allow qualified people to visit for six months and search for jobs.

  1. Denmark:

Denmark offers a Long-term visa for workers in professions experiencing a shortage of professionals. It is called the positive list regime and more information at https: //

  1. Netherlands

Contract-Long Visa only for highly skilled professionals to stay and work in the Netherlands. Short term visas only apply to non-EU founders who wish to start-up in the country. More information at

  1. Ireland

Medium-Term permit for highly skilled professionals who works in the following field: ICT, Engineering, and Technology. The permit replaces the green card and is designed to attract only highly skilled people in the labor market. For details at

  1. Estonia

Estonia’s work visa is eligible only for highly skilled professionals. A resident permit is subject to salary, depending on workers’ qualifications. You can find more information on

  1. Germany

Germany offers a temporary resident permit for employment, only for highly skilled workers. Freelances, artists, etc. are eligible to apply for this visa.

  1. France

France offers a 4-Year Visa for highly skilled workers in the technology industry. A diploma is not needed, nor are there any hidden requirements. Visit for more information

  1. Finland

To get a work visa for Europe, Finland offers Long-Term permits for workers for their temporary or the continuous nature of their work. Processing time is often one month, depending on the job. Go here for more information

  1. Norway

Norway offers a long-term permit for foreign workers who wish to work in their country. However, a standing job offer is required to be eligible for this offer. Processing time is usually four weeks.

  1. Spain

Spain offers a residency visa for highly skilled professionals who wish to work in Europe. The applicant has to be a skilled professional and must meet the minimum financial resources to qualify. Go here for more details.

  1. Sweden

Sweden’s work permit is only for highly skilled employees who wish to work in the country. A standing job offer is necessary to qualify for this permit. The applicant must be financially stable, while processing time is over two months.

  1. United Kingdom

UK Tier 2 Work Visa is only eligible for foreign workers with a standing job offer in the UK. Once the applicant has a job offer, getting a work visa becomes possible. Processing time is within 15 days. Visit for more information

  1. Belgium:

In Belgium, if you are resident abroad and secure a job in the country, Your employer can apply for a “non classified” type B work permit for you which is valid for that employer and for a period of 1 year (renewable). This will only be granted if no other suitable employee can be found on the labour market and Belgium is linked with the employee’s country by international employment agreements. You can get more information on Belgian work permits here

  1. Iceland:

While not always an obvious choice, the healthcare, construction, IT and tourism sectors in Iceland are in need of workers with an estimated 2,000 workers needed annually to fill a skills gap. As a result of this, Iceland issues temporary work permits for workers with skills which are in shortage in the country. You can get more information on Work permits in Iceland for third country nationals from their directorate of labor here

  1. Luxembourg:

Luxembourg is a small, prosperous European country surrounded by France, Belgium and Germany. Highly skilled workers such as software and web developers, system analysts, database and systems administrators, mathematicians and the like with a pay offer of at least 1.2 times the Luxembourg average gross salary are welcome to apply for a Type D visa. More information is available here

How To Get The Job Seekers Visa In Germany

Germany is one of the most beautiful places in the world, with a meager unemployment rate. Due to the shortage of skilled workers in the country, the Federal Government has opted to attract qualified experts. (more…)

How To Get A Skilled Migrant Visa For New Zealand

New Zealand, one of the last places to be settled by humans is an island 2000km off the east of Australia. If you want to apply for residency under their skilled migrant scheme, you probably want to know HOW. (more…)