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The UK teachers visa is now taking applications!

UK Teachers Visa: How to Prepare, Qualify and Apply to Teach in the UK with the Graduate Visa or Skilled Worker Visa

Teaching in the UK can be a rewarding and exciting career for those with a passion for education. If you are a recent graduate or a skilled worker, you may be eligible for the Graduate Visa or the Skilled Worker Visa, which will allow you to work and live in the UK. In this blog post, we will go over the requirements, costs, and steps involved in preparing, qualifying, and applying for a teaching position in the UK with either the Graduate Visa or the Skilled Worker Visa.

Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)

In order to teach in the UK, you must have Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). This is a certification that demonstrates that you have the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to teach in the UK it is a mandatory requirement for all teachers working in state-maintained schools in England and Wales. To obtain QTS, you will need to complete an approved Initial Teacher Training (ITT) course, which can either be a postgraduate program or a school-based training program. The ITT program should provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to teach in a UK classroom.

Once you have completed your ITT course, you will need to apply for QTS through the National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL). You can apply online and the process usually takes around 8 weeks to complete. The cost of QTS application is £120 for individuals and £200 for groups.

To achieve QTS, you must complete a teacher training program recognized by the UK government and pass the necessary exams. The programs can be completed either in the UK or in your home country, but you will need to pass the exams in the UK.

Costs Involved in Applying for a Teaching Position

There are several costs involved in applying for a teaching position in the UK, including the cost of obtaining QTS, the cost of applying for the visa, and the cost of the visa application process. The cost of obtaining QTS will depend on the program you choose, but it can range from several hundred to several thousand pounds. The cost of applying for the visa will depend on the type of visa you are applying for, but it is typically around £610. Additionally, there may be additional fees for biometric tests and other requirements.

Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible to apply for a graduate visa or skilled worker visa, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. You must have a degree or equivalent qualification from a recognized institution.
  2. You must have a job offer from a UK employer in the field of teaching that meets the minimum salary requirements set by the UK government.
  3. You must have a certificate of sponsorship from your employer.
  4. You must score enough points on the UK Points-Based System (PBS) to be considered for a visa.

Application Costs:

The cost of a graduate visa or skilled worker visa to teach in the UK varies depending on your circumstances. However, you can expect to pay the following fees:

  1. Visa application fee: £610
  2. Immigration Health Surcharge: £624 per year

Eligible Salaries:

The minimum salary for teachers in the UK is £24,372 per year. However, this can vary based on the type of school, the subject you are teaching, and your level of experience. Many schools offer salaries above the minimum, so it is important to research the salary range for your desired school and subject.

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for the UK Teachers visa:

  1. Obtain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) The first step in applying for a teaching position in the UK is to obtain QTS. You will need to complete a teacher training program and pass the necessary exams in order to achieve QTS.
  2. Find a job offer Once you have QTS, you will need to find a job offer from a UK employer. This can be done by searching online, through teacher recruitment agencies, or by networking with individuals in the education field.
  3. Get a certificate of sponsorship: Once you have found a job, your employer must provide you with a certificate of sponsorship. This is a unique reference number that links you to your job offer.
  4. Prepare your visa application: Gather all of the required documents and information, including your passport, qualifications, proof of English language proficiency and proof of financial support.
  5. Submit your visa application: Submit your visa application and pay the required fees. You can do this online or by post.
  6. Attend a biometric appointment: Once your visa application has been received, you will need to attend a biometric appointment to have your fingerprints and photograph taken.
  7. Wait for a decision: Once your visa application has been submitted, you will need to wait for a decision. This can take up to 3 weeks, but can take longer in some cases.
  8. Start your new job: If your visa application is approved, you will be able to start your new job in the UK.

So, if you are a recent graduate or a skilled worker and looking to start a career in teaching in the UK, you will need to apply for a UK Teachers visa. The steps you need to take to apply include finding a job, getting a certificate of sponsorship, preparing your visa application, submitting your visa application, attending a biometric appointment and waiting for a decision. Make sure you meet the eligibility requirements and have all of the required information and documents before you apply. Good luck!


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