The Switzerland shortage jobs list

Switzerland has a thriving job market, but faces ongoing labor shortages in many occupations. To help connect job seekers with in-demand roles, We have compiled the latest list of Switzerland shortage jobs for 2023.

This annual shortage list highlights the fields where qualified workers are urgently needed across the country. With Switzerland’s unemployment rate remaining low at under 3%, there simply aren’t enough skilled local workers to fill open roles in key sectors.

The shortage list acts as an invaluable guide for international candidates considering relocating to Switzerland for work. It shows the specific professions and specializations that offer the greatest chances to obtain work permits and employment opportunities.

Whether you specialize in healthcare, engineering, IT, hospitality, construction or many other fields, checking the Switzerland shortage list can help you identify where your skills are in the highest demand.

Switzerland has one of the most resilient and stable economies in Europe, with a GDP growth rate expected to be about 2% in 2023. The country’s unemployment rate has remained remarkably low, hovering under 3% for years.

This lack of available skilled workers across sectors has led to significant labor shortages. Industries like healthcare, construction, hospitality, information technology and engineering consistently face talent gaps and unfilled vacancies.

To address these systemic shortages, the Swiss government annually publishes a list of shortage occupations where qualified foreign labor is required. The list is compiled based on criteria like low unemployment rates in occupations, rising job vacancies and difficulty filling roles with domestic workers.

The 2023 version of the highly anticipated Switzerland shortage jobs list has now been released, and Shortage Jobs has made it easy to access.

Some highlights in the list of over 200 shortage occupations include:

  • IT jobs like software developers, programmers, system analysts
  • Engineers across fields like electrical, mechanical, chemical
  • Healthcare practitioners and specialists like doctors, nurses, dentists
  • Hospitality and service staff like chefs, waiters, hotel managers
  • Construction jobs like architectural technicians, civil engineers

While the 2023 list is largely consistent with previous years, new additions include sustainability experts, data scientists, robotics engineers and actuaries.

If you have experience and qualifications in any of the shortage occupations listed for Switzerland, now is the time to consider new job opportunities abroad.

Browse open positions in your field on Shortage Jobs, and filter for shortage or visa sponsorship roles to pinpoint companies urgently hiring foreign talent. Upload your CV so recruiters can quickly find your profile.

Securing work in Switzerland does require navigating visa and permit regulations, but Shortage Jobs has resources to guide you. Our visa advisors are available to consult at any stage of the relocation process.

The newly released 2023 Switzerland shortage occupations list opens doors for skilled workers across many domains. Shortage Jobs does the work of identifying in-demand jobs tailored to your expertise so you can focus on showcasing your skills to Swiss employers.

We’re excited to connect global talent with the many shortage vacancies in this vibrant and multicultural country.



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