Denmark Fast-Track Pay Limit Scheme

The Denmark Fast-Track Pay Limit Scheme.

If you’re a highly skilled professional with a job offer in Denmark that meets certain temporarily reduced salary thresholds, you may qualify for the Fast-Track Pay Limit Scheme – an accelerated work and residence permit program.

What is the Fast-Track Pay Limit Scheme?

This scheme provides a quicker path for Danish employers to hire qualified talent from outside the EU/EEA. It allows certain workers to bypass the regular work permit process if their gross salary exceeds set pay limits.

Effective December 1, 2022 through the end of 2025, the temporary monthly pay limits are:

  • DKK 375,000 (approx. US$53,500)

Workers who meet or exceed these temporarily reduced wage levels can obtain permits in just 30 days instead of the usual 3+ month wait.

Who Can Use the Fast-Track Pay Limit Scheme?

To qualify, you must have a concrete job offer where you will earn over the defined temporary salary threshold. These positions usually require high-level qualifications and industry experience.

Examples could include engineers, medical professionals, IT specialists, business executives, researchers, and more.

Your employer must agree to use the scheme and provide supporting documents. Approval is at the discretion of Danish immigration authorities.

Temporary Changes

In addition to the reduced salary threshold, companies now only need to employ 10 Danish workers per 1 foreign worker, temporarily reduced from 20 Danes per foreign worker.

These measures are in place from December 2022 through the end of 2025 to attract more global talent.

Benefits of the Fast-Track Process

The biggest benefit is expedited permit processing so you can relocate and begin working sooner. Additional advantages include:

✅ Renewable 2-year residence permit ✅ Allows your family/dependents to move with you
✅ Enjoy rights as a legal resident and worker

Apply for Residence Under the Scheme

This optimised route makes Denmark more accessible for talented global professionals during this temporary period. If you secure an eligible Danish job offer, explore using the Fast-Track Pay Limit Scheme to accelerate your immigration plans!


  • Hello, please how can I apply.

    My skills
    Wireline field operator
    Computer programming
    Forklift operator and truck driver

    I’m highly qualified for my skills mentioned above.
    I really need link to apply so I can enhance my career in the next one or two years.

    Thank you

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