UK post study work visa opens in July

Post study work/graduate route visa re-launches in July 2021

From 1st July, 2021, International students who have completed a degree at a UK institution would be able to apply for the post study work visa which would enable them work or apply for jobs in the UK for 2 years (3 years for PhD students).

This post would outline everything we know about this new (relaunched) visa category.

Who can get it?

Tier 4 Visa holders who have completed an undergraduate or above degree at a recognized higher education provider and whose visas are still valid after the 1st of July would be able to apply for the new visa.

Applications can only be made from within the UK and applicants who have received scholarships/sponsorships from a Government or international scholarship agency within 12 months before applying must provide written consent from the awarding body.

Conditions for the post study work visa

The graduate route visa would allow you stay in the UK for 2 years (3 years for PhD students) and is not extendable (you would have to switch to a work visa when you find a suitable job.)

You would only be able to hold this visa once, and it would allow you to be self-employed or work and look for work in any sector at any level.

You would be allowed to study as a holder of this visa but only if it doesn’t meet the requirements for study in the student route.


Cost of application for the visa would be £700 with an immigration health surcharge of £624 per year unlike the healthcare worker visa.

Can you bring family?

As a holder of the graduate route visa, you are not permitted to bring in new dependants you can extend the stay of dependants who were approved under the student route. Any children born during the Tier 4 period are also eligible to stay with you.

Once application starts officially, we would be publishing a guide on how to apply for this visa route.


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