Key Employee Initiative

Move to Malta with the Key Employee Initiative

If you’re a highly skilled worker looking to relocate to Malta, the Key Employee Initiative (KEI) offers an accelerated path to obtaining a work permit and residency.

This program provides a streamlined process for companies to hire top talent from outside the EU.

What is the Key Employee Initiative?

The KEI allows qualified non-EU citizens to obtain a single work permit and residency permit within 5 working days of applying. It’s designed to quickly bring in managerial and technical professionals whose skills are in demand by Maltese companies.

To qualify, you must:

  • Have an employment offer in Malta with a minimum annual salary of €30,000
  • Possess advanced qualifications and experience related to the position
  • Provide documentation validating your credentials

Your employer must endorse your application and confirm you are qualified for the role.

Benefits of the Key Employee Initiative

The KEI offers numerous advantages:

  • Fast processing time – Approved permits are issued within 5 working days, allowing you to relocate and start working quickly. The standard work permit process can take months.
  • Renewable 1-year permit – Your initial permit is valid for 1 year. This can be renewed for up to 3 years by providing updated contracts and tax documents.
  • Residency benefits – The permit allows you and your family to legally live and work in Malta. You can also travel visa-free in the Schengen Area.
  • Applicable to startups – The KEI extends to innovative startups endorsed by Malta Enterprise. This helps attract top talent to new companies.

How to Apply for the Key Employee Initiative

Both you and your employer need to submit documentation for a KEI application. Required documents include:

  • Your signed employment contract
  • Passport copy
  • Educational/professional credentials
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Documents showing ties to Malta like a lease

Your employer must submit additional materials like a detailed cover letter explaining why you are essential for the role.

You can start the application while still abroad. Once approved, you can relocate to Malta and obtain your permits.

Start Your Expedited Move to Malta

The Malta Key Employee Initiative offers an accelerated work and residency solution for highly skilled non-EU citizens. If you have an employment offer that meets the requirements, take advantage of this fast-track relocation program. With approved permits issued in just 5 days, you can promptly start your new life in Malta!


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