shortage Jobs in Lithuania

How to search for shortage Jobs in Lithuania

In a previous post, we discussed the shortage occupations list in Lithuania and the unique opportunity it presents for professionals to work in the country without needing a work permit. If you have expertise in one of these high-demand fields, you may be considering looking for shortage jobs in Lithuania.

This follow-up article offers tips on the best ways to go about your job search.

Focus Your Search

With so many shortage occupations spanning multiple industries, it’s important to narrow your focus to roles directly related to your skills and experience. Carefully review the list and identify the specific shortage jobs most aligned with your background. This targeted approach will make your search more efficient.

Utilize Online Job Portals

Many Lithuanian employers advertise vacancies on popular online job portals. Sites like Shortage Jobs, LinkedIn, CV Lithuania, CV Online, CV Market and CV Bankas are useful resources to find open positions across industries including IT, engineering, construction, manufacturing, healthcare, and more. You can search by keyword, location and job type. Checking these sites regularly and setting up job alerts is advisable.

Check Company Career Pages

Look directly on the websites of Lithuanian companies for job opportunities, especially larger corporations and multinationals with operations in the country. Many post openings on dedicated career pages. Focus on businesses in your industry and regularly check back for the latest vacancies. Signing up for job alerts can notify you of new relevant postings.

Work with Recruitment Agencies

Specialist recruitment agencies can help match your skills to suitable shortage occupation roles. They often have relationships with employers seeking to fill such positions. Search for reputable Lithuania-based agencies recruiting for your profession and submit your CV. Discuss your experience and job search goals. The best agencies will advocate for you and provide insights about the hiring market.

Network and Make Connections

Networking can reveal unadvertised job opportunities. Connect with professionals in your industry through LinkedIn groups and alumni associations. Attend trade shows, conferences and industry events in Lithuania. Speaking with insiders helps you learn about the labor market, projected demands and companies hiring. Also leverage your existing network – you never know who may have a connection.

Join Expat Communities

Get plugged into expatriate groups in Lithuania. Check sites like InterNations and Facebook groups for expats in the country. Fellow expats can offer job search tips, recommend companies to target and introduce you to useful contacts. These communities also provide support after your relocation.

Take the time to follow these tips and be strategic in your shortage occupation job search in Lithuania. With persistence and the right approach, you can land a role that aligns with your expertise and experience. Remember to also prepare your resume and interview skills to stand out once you start applying.



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