Norway Skilled Worker Visa

How to Get the Norway Skilled Worker Visa.

Norway has become an increasingly popular destination for skilled workers from around the world looking for job opportunities and a high quality of life. The Norway Skilled Worker Visa allows qualified individuals to live and work in Norway permanently.

This type of visa is designed for foreign nationals with in-demand professional skills and experience. It serves as a pathway for those who have secured a concrete job offer from a Norwegian employer.

The Skilled Worker Visa provides an excellent opportunity for professionals to relocate to Norway and further their careers. With its strong economy, competitive salaries, and high living standards, the country offers an appealing environment for ambitious workers.

Obtaining this visa opens doors to long-term career prospects and integration in Norway. It enables skilled professionals to bring their expertise to the Norwegian job market. The visa also leads to permanent residence after a few years.

In this blog post, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide on how to successfully get the Skilled Worker Visa for Norway. We’ll cover all the key steps in the process, from assessing your eligibility to submitting your application.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for the Skilled Worker Visa, there are some general requirements that need to be met.


Applicants must have completed higher education, such as a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Your education should be relevant to the type of job you are applying for. Certain regulated professions may also require specific qualifications or licenses.

Work Experience

You must have relevant work experience in your field. Typically, applicants need at least 5 years of full-time work experience. Recent graduates may also be eligible with 1 year of work experience.

Language Proficiency

A minimum level of Norwegian language skills is required. Your abilities will be assessed through a language test. Exemptions are made for certain jobs where English is commonly used.

Job Offer

You must have a concrete job offer from a Norwegian employer for a full-time position. The offer must be for at least 1 year in a skilled profession. Employers must demonstrate they were unable to find a qualified European Economic Area national for the role.

Salary Threshold

Your gross annual salary must meet the minimum income requirement set by the Norwegian government, generally around 31,000 EUR.

Some occupations such as healthcare and education may have additional requirements related to credentials, licensing, or specialized skills and training. It’s important to research if you need to meet any specific qualifications for your particular field.

Job Market and Occupation List

Norway has a thriving job market with a demand for skilled foreign workers in certain industries. Understanding the sectors and occupations that are in high need can help focus your job search.

Some major areas of recruiting foreign talent include:

– Engineering – oil, gas, renewable energy, construction
– Healthcare – doctors, nurses, dentists
– IT – software developers, programmers, cybersecurity
– Education – teachers in STEM subjects
– Tourism – hotel and hospitality sector

The Occupation List specifies the occupations and specializations that are particularly relevant in Norway. It serves as a guide for applicants to tailor their experience, education, and skills to in-demand fields.

Some key occupations on the current list include engineer specialists in AI, data analytics, quantum computing, mechatronics, and robotics. Healthcare workers remain in high demand, especially nurses specializing in geriatrics or psychiatry. Skilled trades like welders, painters, and electricians are also sought after.

Familiarizing yourself with Norway’s labour market needs and the Occupation List can help align your qualifications and improve your prospects of finding a job offer. Keep the list in mind when marketing yourself to employers and explaining how your background meets their requirements.

Finding Employment

Discovering job vacancies and securing a concrete offer is critical for the Skilled Worker Visa application. Here are some tips for your job search:

Online Job Portals

Major sites like,, and list thousands of jobs in Norway. You can search by industry, location or keyword. Checking these regularly can uncover suitable openings.


Tap into your professional and personal connections in Norway. Let them know you are looking for opportunities and ask if they can refer you to companies that are hiring.

Recruitment Agencies

Specialized agencies can advocate on your behalf and match you with employers looking for your expertise. They also provide immigration support.

Customized Applications

Tailor your resume and cover letters to use appropriate Norwegian terms for your field. Demonstrate your achievements and highlight skills that meet the job requirements.

Communicate Your Value

Explain how your background and competencies can fill the employer’s needs. Show how you can contribute to their success through concrete examples.

Persistence and consistently marketing yourself are key. Be prepared to explain how your experience translates and the unique value you can bring to a role in Norway. With a focused search, you can find an employer willing to sponsor you.

Employer Sponsorship and Job Offer

Securing a job offer from a Norwegian employer is a mandatory requirement for the Skilled Worker Visa. The employer must be willing to sponsor you and support your application.

Importance of Job Offer

The concrete job offer proves you have in-demand skills and have found a specific role in your field in Norway. It shows you will be able to support yourself financially.

Employer Sponsorship

Your employer must submit various documents to the immigration authorities:

– Employment contract with duties, hours, salary
– Documentation that they were unable to fill the role with an EEA resident
– Proof they can cover the costs of your potential repatriation

Time Validity

The job offer must still be valid at the time your application is processed. Offers should be less than 3 months old.

Be sure to communicate with employers throughout the process and keep them updated on your application status. Maintaining the job offer is essential.

With an eligible employer willing to sponsor you, a key hurdle of the Skilled Worker Visa is cleared.

Application Process for the Norway Skilled Worker Visa

Once you have secured a qualifying job offer, you can proceed with submitting your Skilled Worker Visa application.


1. Complete online application form and pay fee
2. Gather supporting documents
3. Attend in-person appointment to submit biometrics
4. Wait for application decision

Required Documents

– Completed online application form
– Valid passport
– Recent passport photo
– Police certificate of good conduct
– Employment contract
– Educational/professional certificates
– Language test results
– Proof of financial means

Additional Requirements

– Valid health insurance coverage
– Documentation of any specialized professional credentials
– Registration with tax authorities and national ID number


– Documents not in Norwegian/English must be translated
– Processing time is typically 1-3 months
– Work can only commence after visa approval

If approved, prepare diligently for your move to Norway:

Healthcare – Register for public health insurance coverage in Norway.

Housing – Research options and secure accommodations before arriving.

Finances – Open a local bank account, understand the tax system.

Settling In – Obtain any required documents, like tax cards. Familiarize yourself with Norwegian culture.

Ensure you provide accurate, complete information and documents. Use the checklist to organize everything needed for your visa application.

Language Requirements

Strong Norwegian language skills are crucial for employment and integration in Norway. Applicants for the Skilled Worker Visa must demonstrate proficiency through an approved test.

The most common exams are Bergenstesten and Test i norsk. You must achieve set scores in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Some occupations are exempt from testing if English is commonly used.

To prepare for the language exam:

– Take accredited Norwegian courses matching your level
– Use apps, books, movies, music, and media in Norwegian
– Practice conversing with native speakers regularly
– Take mock exams under timed conditions

Allow several months to improve skills. Reach the target level by immersing yourself in the language prior to testing.

Application Review and Processing Time

Once your complete visa application is submitted, processing typically takes 1-3 months. Several factors influence timelines:

– Volume of applications received by immigration authorities
– Completeness and quality of your supporting documents
– Need for additional documents or information
– Extensive background verification checks

Applicants receive application status updates by email. Be patient during peak periods when delays are common. Have your documents ready for prompt submission if requested.

Important Considerations

If approved, thoughtfully prepare for your relocation and life in Norway:

– Obtain required documents like tax cards and insurance cards.
– Arrange housing, explore neighborhoods, and sign a lease.
– Open a local bank account and understand Norway’s tax system.
– Learn about Norwegian culture, customs, and etiquette.
– Build local connections and a support network.

Leveraging resources and planning ahead eases your transition. Embrace the adventure of skilled work and life in Norway.

Obtaining the Skilled Worker Visa provides an excellent pathway for qualified professionals to relocate to Norway for career opportunities. This guide summarizes key steps:

– Assessing your eligibility based on education, work experience, job offer, and language abilities
– Researching the job market and tailoring your qualifications to in-demand fields
– Securing a concrete job offer with an employer willing to sponsor you
– Submitting a complete visa application with required documents
– Preparing for language testing and achieving target proficiency
– Patiently waiting through application processing times
– Diligently planning your transition and settlement in Norway

The Skilled Worker Visa enables you to bring your expertise to Norway long-term and establish your life in the country. With its high quality of life, competitive salaries, and abundance of jobs for skilled talent, Norway offers an outstanding environment to grow your career.

For ambitious professionals seeking new horizons, the Skilled Worker Visa is a valuable opportunity. Follow the guidance in this blog post to make your dreams of living and working in Norway a reality.

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