How to get the job seekers visa in Germany

How To Get The Job Seekers Visa In Germany

Germany is one of the most beautiful places in the world, with a meager unemployment rate. Due to the shortage of skilled workers in the country, the Federal Government has opted to attract qualified experts. If you’re looking for a place to work as a skilled professional, a job seekers visa in Germany is what you need.

What Is The Job Seekers’ Visa?

It is a long-term residency permit that lets you reside in Germany and look for employment. Duration is often for six months. If you’re able to find a job within that time frame, they will give you a work permit that would allow you to stay and work in Germany.

People from countries like Australia, Canada, Korea, Israel, the United States, New Zealand, etc. don’t need a job seekers visa. Take note that if you’re from these countries, you will need to apply for a short-term residence permit once you arrive in Berlin.

If you’re not from the countries as mentioned earlier, you will need a job seekers visa to enter Germany and seek employment.

Eligibility Requirement For Job Seekers Visa In Germany

To be eligible for job seekers visa in Germany, here are some criteria you need to meet

• A bachelor or Master’s Degree, either from a Germany university or foreign equivalent
• A five years’ experience in your field of study or interest
• Proof of medical insurance and travel for your entire stay in Germany, or perhaps till you get your work permit
• Financial report to show you’ve sufficient funds for your whole stay in Germany. To prove your financial capacity, they will require you to open a Blocked Bank Account in Germany.
• Knowing a little bit of Germany Language would be an added advantage. Not necessary if you’re proficient in the English Language.

Application For the Visa

The first step here is to complete an application form online. Ensure you carefully fill the spaces, then print it twice, then sign at the end. Visit this link to fill the form.

After you’ve successfully filled the application, make an appointment. You can do that smoothly by going through the website of the German mission of your home country. The meeting could take up to 3 months. The earlier you apply, the better. On the day of the appointment, ensure you’re at the embassy as soon as possible. If you’re five minutes late, they have the right to cancel the appointment.

Required Documents For Job Seekers Visa In Germany

• International Passport
• Three passport-style photos of high quality
• A cover letter that details your plans and objectives of your visit
• Evidence of academic aptitude
• Curriculum Vitae (CV)
• Evidence of financial stability
• A German long-stay visa application form
• Birth certificate
• Prepared courier envelope by any notable courier service

If you’re passionate about working in Germany, ensure that you provide all the required documents. Make sure your application is excellent, and don’t forget to start making some contacts with potential employers in Germany. Getting a job seekers visa in Germany isn’t hard if you follow the steps.


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