How To Get A Skilled Migrant Visa For New Zealand

New Zealand, one of the last places to be settled by humans is an island 2000km off the east of Australia. If you want to apply for residency under their skilled migrant scheme, you probably want to know HOW. Getting a skilled migrant visa for New Zealand follows a well laid out process based on their points based immigration system and this post summarizes what steps you would have to follow.

Breakdown of the Application process

The application process might seem a little complex; please take your time. It entails only two stages. The first stage involves Expression of interest, while the second stage is the actual Resident Visa application. In this guide, you will learn everything that would aid you in this journey.

  1. First Stage: Your Expression of Interest (EOI)

It is the most crucial step and warrants only submitting a form. By submitting a completed online application, you show interest in living in New Zealand. To get a skilled migrant visa for New Zealand, you must not overlook this stage. During the process, you will need to claim points for your qualifications, work, age, and experience.

Take note that all Expression of interest will be graded from highest to lowest, with the help of a pool. Many refer to this process as the selection. In this process, only the best applicants will be successful. It also depends on the number of immigrants New Zealand is aiming for in each financial year.

  1. Second Stage: Your resident Visa Application

At this stage, you will have to present proof that supports your Expression of interest. You do this by submitting relevant documents in the recommended format. Immigration New Zealand will thoroughly access you to ensure you will be able to settle successfully.

If you can convince them of your ability to settle successfully, you will get a Resident Visa. If that is not the case, they might grant you Work Visa that would help you establish yourself in skilled employment in New Zealand.

In a worst-case scenario, they would decline your application.

skilled migrant visa for New Zealand
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Eligibility For A Skilled Migrant Visa For New Zealand

Before you begin submitting your Expression of Interest, ensure you’re eligible for the skilled migrant category. Here are some requirements to qualify.

  1. Must be under 56 years of age. Anything above that is an automatic disqualification.
  2. You also need to meet the health, character, and English Language requirements. It is to ensure that you’ll be able to settle down in New Zealand without any issues.
  3. To get a skilled migrant visa to New Zealand, you must also score 100 points in your Points System to submit an Expression of Interest.

You Might Need A Job Offer For Your Expression Of Interest To Be Successful

To get a skilled migrant visa for New Zealand, you might need a job offer. It is for those who failed to reach the required point score. Once you have a job offer from New Zealand, your points would drastically increase.

In the most recent Immigration New Zealand EOI findings, 9 out of 10 applicants already have an employment offer and by ensuring you secure a job offer before applying, you’ll be widening your chances of getting a Resident Visa.

How to get a Job Offer to migrate to New Zealand

We post current job offers from companies in New Zealand that can help you get points to apply for a skilled migrant visa. Visit Shortage Jobs and sign up so you can get the latest jobs in your inbox.


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