UK Health and Care visa launches August 2020

Health & Care Visa coming for Health workers (UK)

The Health and Care visa is a special visa Category for qualified doctors, nurses and allied health professionals who have been trained to a recognised standard which has just been launched by the UK government to attract skilled workers in the health and care related sectors from all around the world to the country.

The Visa, which would be open for applications in August would come with the following concessions (compared to the Tier 2 visa):

  • A reduced application fee.
  • Exemption from the Immigration Health surcharge
  • Accelerated turnaround (within 3 weeks after biometric enrolment)

The professions that currently qualify for the Health and Care Visa (would be adjusted as time goes on) along wit their Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) codes are:

2112        Biological scientists and biochemists

2113       Physical Scientists

2211       Medical Practitioners

2212       Psychologists

2213       Pharmacists

2214       Ophthalmic Opticians

2215       Dental practitioners

2217       Medical Radiographers

2218       Podiatrists

2219       Health Professionals not elsewhere classified

2221       Physiotherapists

2222       Occupational Therapists

2223       Speech and Language Therapists

2229       Therapy professionals not elsewhere classified

2231       Nurses

2232       Midwives

2442       Social Workers

3213       Paramedics


To be eligible for this visa category (which is similar to the Tier 2 Category), a worker qualified in one of the above fields would obtain a job offer either from an NHS trust/health board or a medical/social care organisations and must also meet all other usual conditions for entry into the UK.

The visa category was created as a result of the government realising the importance of robust healthcare systems and professionals in the society as we faced the Coronavirus pandemic.

This is a great company for career development for health professionals in any part of the world and the visa launches, we would add instructions and details on how to apply.

You can find how to apply for the healthcare worker visa here.

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