New Zealand Accredited Employer Work Visa

Guide to New Zealand’s Accredited Employer Work Visa

Gaining a work visa as a foreigner is often an intimidatingly complex undertaking. But New Zealand‘s Accredited Employer Work Visa aims to radically streamline this traditionally arduous bureaucratic process

for companies formally approved to sponsor overseas talent. This article will explore in detail every integral step and requirement.

Accredited Employers in New Zealand

To become an accredited employer formally endorsed to hire abroad, New Zealand registered companies undergo meticulous auditing by Immigration NZ based on core criteria:

  • Financial viability: Consistent revenue/profits demonstrating a sustainable business
  • HR management excellence: everything from staff retention reporting to policies that protect vulnerable employees
  • Migrant worker treatment: Comprehensive support offered to recruited overseas employees
  • Tenure and compliance: 18+ month local operational history without major compliance violations

Once cleared as an accredited employer, sponsors unlock major benefits like waiving certain labor market tests when hiring foreign nationals and securing clearly expedited immigration prioritization. This helps alleviate pressing local talent shortages.

Eligibility for Employee Applicants

Candidates still must meet basic standards including:

  • Skills match: Relevant qualifications and background for intended job duties, though some exceptions exist across salary thresholds that may waive occupation matches
  • Health requisites: Submitting standard medical examinations performed by approved panel physicians
  • Character assessments: Undergoing domestic police certificate application in all countries lived in over past 5 years
  • Identity confirmation: passport, previous visas, birth certificate, digital photographs

While comprehensive, these requirements aim to uphold objective candidate standards aligned with public interests while preventing exploitation.

Introducing the Accredited Employer Work Visa

This special work visa has substantially optimised provisions:

  • 3 year initial validity: Much longer than most standard temporary work visas, with indefinite renewals allowing long-term stays
  • Pathways to PR: 2+ years working for an accredited employer makes you eligible to apply for permanent New Zealand residence
  • Dependent eligibility: Partners meeting character, health and evidence of relationship criteria can be included as secondary applicants for temporary visas enabling family unity

So candidates hired by approved sponsors receive highly favorable conditions.

Navigating the Streamlined Application Process

Applying demands navigating two interlinked stages:

  1. Securing Job Offer
  • Undergo recruitment/interviews with accredited NZ employers only
  • Submit background details enabling internal immigration pre-checks
  • Receive & sign formal offer letter
  1. Lodging Visa Application
  • Employer inputs key details like offered salary, job scope, your qualifications etc.
  • System generates document checklist for you to submit within 14 days: police certificates from all countries lived in over past 5 years, medical checks performed by panel physician, passport copies, birth certificates etc.
  • Pay the $640 NZD employee worker visa fee, $1,715 for any partners
  • Employer manages overall application until decision rendered, requests additional documents from you if needed
  • Receive outcome in as little as 2 weeks!

Life After Visa Approval

Those gaining an Accredited Employer Work Visa finally can:

  • Plan travels to arrive in NZ by “must arrive before” deadline
  • Begin working for sponsoring employer immediately with full rights
  • Bring eligible family members like partners also on temporary visas
  • Eventually apply for permanent residence under streamlined pathways

The privileged support and expedited processing times make the accredited employer pathway a surefire means for qualifying candidates to swift New Zealand entry.
Optimized for accredited sponsors facing pressing talent needs unable to be addressed domestically, New Zealand’s Accredited Employer Work Visa makes accessing overseas candidates extremely efficient. This allows companies to bypass barriers that commonly slow standard temporary entry cases. Candidates in turn can leverage a smoother journey to work authorization by connecting with approved sponsors. For skilled workers who secure roles with accredited employers able to manage bulk logistics, this visa represents an unmatched opportunity.


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