Common documents required for work Visa applications

The dream of many is to work abroad and for many skilled professionals, it remains just a dream as they lack either the time or the knowledge to make it real.

Shortage Jobs has a mission of simplifying skilled migration for qualified professionals globally and we do this by providing a platform and resources to make this easier.

A work visa/permit is required by most countries as a condition to work there and to get a work visa, you would need to present documents then go through an application and approval process.

The documents required for work visa applications are generally similar but might differ in some cases depending on the country of the kind of job needed.

Some common documents requested for Work Visa applications are:


Job Offer

Language test

Evidence of funds

Academic Qualifications

Professional Qualifications

Work experience

Reference Letter from Previous employer:


Some jobs might need you to get a police clearance or equivalent from your home country and some countries might need you to have negative tests for Tuberculosis and the like but these vary.

If you have these documents ready then you are set for the first step in your migration journey.



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